About us


We can all agree - Christmas time is the most magical time of the year: spending time with family and friends, warmth amongst a community and being able to create fond memories. Young or old, Christmas holds a special place in our hearts. 

With all of this in mind, Kim has founded The Little Christmas Shop and Mrs Claus’ Kitchen with an ethos of selling beautiful Christmas decorations sourced from some of the finest designers in the world. A Christmas shop that will be open throughout all seasons of the year in the centre of the historical Ironbridge town, and also to come and have a festive treat wether it be afternoon tea or a coffee and a slice of Christmas Cake in Mrs Claus’ Tearoom it’s so cozy and Christmassy. 


Kim has grown up in and around the special town of Ironbridge, enjoying everything this little town brings: a UNESCO World Heritage site steeped in history erecting the first ever iron bridge being made, and a symbol of the Industrial Revolution.

Inspired from our travels and fond memories captured from around the world (alongside our love of Christmas) our little Christmas shop has been founded as a way to share and express our love and passion for beautiful Christmas decorations, and finding that perfect keepsake to treasure that memory forever.

Merry Christmas and come and visit! 

Love from, Kim X